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What Is Prank?

Prank is an act of deceiving , teasing or offending others to have fun.

The most basic form of prank is to deliberately put others into a dilemma, and to watch other people’s embarrassing , surprised , fearful and so on, and so on, to have fun. This kind of prank is purely for the purpose of personal pleasure. Other viewers or mischievous people may not necessarily find it interesting, and it is often counterproductive. This kind of hoax has sometimes reached the level of bullying or crime , and may face serious consequences that were unexpected.

Pranks can also be expressed in the form of literature or art, such as graffiti everywhere , caricatures , spoof creations, and so on. Compared with pre-class hoaxes, such hoaxes are generally more acceptable or forgiving because they are not directly in contact with the pranksters, but sometimes they may cause unexpected counter-effects, such as graffiti that may be subject to damages.

Although pranks can sometimes achieve humorous and funny effects, they are sometimes not only interesting, but also irritating, so the society evaluates the existence of mischief. However, some clever pranks are fun and entertaining. For example, the use of pranks to highlight certain things , to achieve the purpose of irony or education .

The Culture of Prank

The popularity of prank or mischievous culture has never been popular before. It used to be just a way for pranksters to tease unsuspecting passers-by. But now anyone who has access to the Internet can make a name for himself by making a fuss about others and then putting the results online. These are person who gives birth to a large group of fans out of thin air.

April Fool’s Day

April 1st is April Fool’s Day. This is not a national holiday, but in many countries and regions around the world, people will prank each other on this day, making mischief, and people who are fooled are often called “April fools.”

On April Fool’s Day, people often organize family gatherings, decorating the room with daffodils and daisies. The typical traditional approach is to arrange a fake environment, which can be arranged like Christmas. It can also be arranged like the New Year. When the guests come, congratulate them on “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”. People feel chic and interesting.

Origin Of April Fool’s Day

It was said that April Fool’s Day originated from a famous Greek myth.

  The goddess of agriculture, Demeter, is a god-known god in Greece. She has boundless mana, can make the land fertile, the grain is rich, and it can make the pastoral ridiculous, and everything will die. Among the Greek gods, she is also one of the most respected goddesses. Zeus, the king of the gods, is her brother and her husband. This identity alone is enough to make the gods bow down at her feet. However, the life of this powerful goddess is not perfect. Zeus relied on the status of the king of the gods, screaming everywhere, making a lot of love affairs, bringing endless troubles to Demeter. The only thing that can make her enjoy the fun of life is that she and Zeussin’s daughter Persephone, a smart, beautiful, innocent and lively girl, with her, no one will be sad and sad.

  On this day, Hades driving to visit Sicily, just to be seen by the love and beauty god Aphrodite who walked in the clouds, and let her see, and Persephone walking in the fields. Nie, as well as her partner, the goddess of war, Athena, the goddess of hunting, Artemis. As soon as I saw these people, Aphrodite was not angry with one place. These men and women, never talk about love, do not talk about marriage, can you still have the status of her love of God in the eyes? Athena and Artemis are famous as the goddess of chastity, and both are martial arts high-powered, supernatural Known as the Kingdom of God, it is still not irritating. But for the little girl who is Persephone, you can be polite. So, Aphrodite, who swayed the sacred aura on his head, called his son, Eros, and said to him, “Look, how do these people treat love? If people and gods learn They are like, how do we rule the world? Come, give Hades a shot and let him fall in love with Persephone!”

  Erros is a stalwart shooter. He bent and shot, the invisible arrow of lust, was plunging into the heart of Hades. Then he followed Aphrodite and went away, waiting for the show. Sure enough, after the arrow in Hades, he had an unforgettable love for Persephone. But he understands that this famous beauty is not willing to give up the sunny land and the sky, and go with him to the dark Hades. Therefore, he found Zeus, the king of his brothers, and asked him to be the master to marry his daughter to the Hades. “This is… I can’t do the Lord.” The masters of the gods meditated and said, “You also know that Demeter is very difficult. However, if you have the ability to take Persephone, I will fall. No objection. “With the acquiescence and hints of the king of God, Hades was full of joy, and he immediately returned to the earth to prepare for the robbery.

  One day, when Persephone was about to bend over and pick a wild flower in the field, the earth suddenly split a wide seam. Then, a gleaming golden car rushed to the ground, driving the mighty Pluto. He couldn’t help but say that he picked up Persephone and put it in the seat next to him. He sipped and the carriage sank into the ground at an unreachable speed. The cracked earth was closed, and it was still sunny and green, and there was nothing but a cry for Persephone’s cry for help in the sky. In a very remote place, Demeter heard the daughter’s heartbreaking cry. But when she flew back at the fastest speed, her daughter was gone. She only knows that her daughter was robbed by the “robbery”, but who the robber is, but she can’t find it. Those who know the whereabouts of Persephone are all silent. They know the background of this matter, Zeus and Hades are not irritating, and no one wants to get burned. A few gods were forced to ask anxiously, and it was also a thing between the north and the south. According to their guidance, the goddess did not fly like a fly, needless to say, these have become futile trek.

  However, the love for her daughter has prompted Mozal to never stop looking for it. No matter what God said anything, she is convinced. Although later it turns out that those are downright lies. In desperation, she ignited two pine torches in the unfathomable Etna crater, shining the whole world brightly. Since then, neither the goddess of dawn nor the goddess of the night, she has seen her sit down for a while. In this way, Demeter traveled to every corner of the world. However, her daughter was like being swept away by the wind, sun-dried, or turned into water vapor and clouds, still missing. The gods gradually turned from sympathy to disgust to her. Because this “female madman” is looking for her daughter, there is no peace in the world. The more they took her, the heart, and then pointed to the southeast, and suddenly pointed to the northwest, just want to take her away, a few days of peace.

  In the end, Demeter had to drag on his tired body and returned to Sicily, where Persephone was missing. I have been running around for many days, and even the culprit is who knows that the goddess’ anger can be imagined. So she spread the grievances of her stomach to the Sicilian farmers. She killed all the cattle on the island and ordered the land to be as strong as steel, sealing the seeds in the ground, leaving all the plants withered. The vast island of this vast area has been made a thousand miles and hungry. When Zeus saw that she was too outrageous, she persuaded her to look elsewhere, and don’t let the innocent peasant out. Demeter did not know that there was a fraud, and once again set foot on the journey of things. This is a great deal. I don’t know how many places, because of the wrath of the goddess, it has become ruined, and there is a desperate atmosphere of hunger and famine everywhere.

  When she realized that she was on the husband’s big time, she calmed down and thought about what to do. Inadvertently she looked up and saw the sun god Helios driving in the golden space. Sis. Suddenly thought that only he is high on the top, all the things, the observation of the autumn, anything happening under the sun, can not escape his eyes. This is the only way to get the torch, fly to Helios, ask him to guide the maze.

  The great sun god has mercy on the goddess and does not need to fear the power of Pluto. Moreover, he is not willing to make such a big trouble with Mozal, let the gods see jokes, let the people suffer, and then carefully describe the situation of Hudez’s robbing relatives. Demeter grew up, but it was too late. At this moment, Persephone, under the coercion of Hades, has become a noble meditation and can no longer reunite with his mother on the ground. What’s more, Demeter has a great power, and he has no ability to take his daughter from Hades.

  Demeter knows that he has been deceived, fooled, resentful and annoyed by the gods. She simply ordered an order to let the plants of the world die together, all the crops died, and a trace of green was not allowed on the earth. I hid in a remote place and no longer showed up. This time, all the heavens and the earth are in a mess. The common people have no food to eat, and thousands of people starve to death every day. The dead souls of the hordes of people gathered in the Hades, noisy and noisy, and made Hades confused and wolf. Because the gods did not get the sacrifices and gifts from the world , they were all hungry and thin. Zeus had no choice but to let Persephone live in the Hades for one-third of the time each year, and return to the world in 2/3 to serve her mother. Later, when Persephone stayed in the earth, Demeter would frown, and the earth was a depression. Once the daughter reunited with her, the goddess smiled and the world revived the revitalization of the grass and the vitality of the group.

  Obviously, in this story, Demeter is a full fool. She did not know the trick of loving God. She did not know the accomplice of her husband and Hades. After the incident, she was turned around by the gods. She was repeatedly deceived and teased. Since then, people have set up April Fool’s Day, using good-will lies to warn those who think they are smart, and don’t make foolish and foolish things because of credulity.

Why People Like To Prank?

First, to attract the attention of the other party. Often appearing between the opposite sex, there are men to women and women to men. Second, out of a feeling of inferiority. Appreciate each other’s dilemma through pranks, thereby increasing sense of superiority and making up for parts that are not as good as in one’s heart. However, this analysis is deep, such as ridicule, sarcasm and the like. In short, those who are interested in mischief should have little respect for the mischievous person. His prank is a kind of contempt and contempt. Then such a person must have experienced the experience of being unrespected or being laughed at. A person who has never experienced ridicule, mischief, etc., who does not respect others’ behavior, where did he learn these? The third is that it is really to stimulate fun, he learned from television. Just want to give it a try.

Children’s nature. These seven characteristics are

1, the child is a good game

2, the child is a good imitation of

3, the child is curious

4, the child is like a successful

5, the child likes the wild life

6, the child is Like the gregarious

7, the children like to praise,

the first three can directly explain their mischief behavior, because of nature, 4, 6, 7, also has a little relationship with the prank. Children prank, just to get the applause of others. To improve their status and even become a child king by mischief. You said why the children care about themselves? Don’t they know the feelings of others? Yes, they can’t control themselves. The social nature of children has not yet fully developed. Children’s egocentricity also makes it difficult for them to answer questions before they stand in the perspective of others.

Life is too boring, give others a little happiness by sharing prank videos and contents.

Code Of Ethics

  1. All pranks will be completely reversible. Anything destructive is neither creative nor amusing.
  2. All pranks will be tailored specifically for the target. A prank is worthwhile only if the victim is also amused.
  3. A prank will be halted immediately if the target asks. This is intended as a kind of safety valve, and should not be abused.
  4. Don’t be a poor sport. It’s all in good fun. A target should feel honored by the attention.
  5. Don’t involve innocent bystanders. People are busy enough as it is without being used without their knowledge. However, an elaborate hoax in which many people are involved by choice is fair play.
  6. Enjoy the prank. While a knee-jerk retaliation can be amusing, it detracts from the original prank. Save that energy for later and let the current prankster have his or her moment of glory.

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